Anbaric Development Partners

Anbaric Development Partners (Anbaric) is an American electric power transmission and microgrid development company located in Wakefield, Massachusetts. The company develops smart grid, renewable energy, and large-scale electric transmission projects that use high-voltage direct current (HVDC) technology for customers in the United States and internationally.

Anbaric delivers power from energy producers to population centers through the use of underground and submarine transmission lines. Anbaric specializes in the development stages of transmission projects including designing, designing, and leading projects’ proposal processes, which can take years. Its customers include governments, investor-owned utilities, and public power generators. The company’s headquarters are located in Wakefield, Massachusetts.

Edward N. Krapels Ph.D is the chief executive officer and founder of Anbaric Holding, LLC, the parent company of Anbaric. In addition à son role at Anbaric, Krapels served as the chairman of Atlantic Energy Partners and is the training director of Energy Security Analysis Inc. Other senior leadership includes Timothy Vaill, the company’s Chief Financial Officer, Clarke Bruno, the company’s President of Transmission, Dirk van Ouwerkerk, President of Microgrid development, and project managers Bryan Sanderson, Stephen Conant, and Howard Kosel

Anbaric Transmission, LLC was incorporated in 2004 by Edward Krapels. In 2001, Krapels began working as a market advisor for Atlantic Energy Partners on a project known as the Neptune Regional Transmission System, a submarine transmission connection between New Jersey and Long Island. Krapels has stated that it has obtained an ownership interest in the project, from which it was founded. Anbaric was then part of the merchant group that developed the Neptune RTS project, which was completed in 2007. In the late 2000s the company, along with other partners, completed additional projects including the Hudson Transmission System, which New York.

In February 2015, Anbaric announced plans to develop a series of microgrids in New York State in response to New York’s call for more distributed generation resources and increased energy reliability. Anbaric has partnered with Exelon Corporation to build 10-200 megawatt microgrids in New York.

In March 2017, Anbaric and Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan created a new development company, Anbaric Development Partners. The partnership was formed to develop clean energy infrastructure projects in North America, with Anbaric ‘s management team leading the new company and Ontario Teachers’ Commitment to Funding Development, $ 2 billion in fully constructed assets. The announcement marked the largest financial commitment by an investor in the company’s 15-year history.

Anbaric’s projects include the design and development of power transmission and distributed generation energy projects. Its operations include the Neptune Regional Transmission System and the Hudson Transmission System, while the Bay State Offshore Wind Transmission System, the Vermont Green Line, the Maine Green Line, the West Point Project, and the Poseidon Project.

The Neptune Cable, or the Neptune Regional Transmission System, is a 660-MW high-voltage line that connects Sayresville, New Jersey to Long Island. Construction on the $ 600 million project began in fall 2005. The 65-mile transmission line became operational in June 2007, and was developed by a merchant group including Anbaric. As of 2007, the line was the largest source of imported electricity in Long Island. In a 2007 report, the New York City noted that the New York City and New York City, New York City and New York City.

The Hudson Project, or the Hudson Transmission System, is a project developed by Anbaric. It consists of a 660-MW high-voltage direct current system which connects upstate New Jersey and Manhattan by traveling beneath the Hudson River. Ridgefield Park, New Jersey, New York West, New York and provides enough power for 400,000 homes. The project was completed in 2013 and cost approximately $ 850 million.


Anbaric’s target microgrid customers include real estate buildings, hospitals, industrial facilities, government buildings, and the cities throughout New York. In the summer of 2015, Anbaric was part of the New York State’s NY Prize Program for Conducting Microbiological Feasibility Studies in the Village of Freeport and the Staten Island University Hospital.

By November 2011, Anbaric had filed an interconnection request with ISO New England for the Bay State Offshore Wind Transmission System. The planned project consists of two thousand and one-half HVDC lines and, if approved, would be New England’s first offshore transmission trunk line.

West Point Partners, LLC, a subsidiary of Anbaric, Submitted a proposal in June, 2013 to the New York Public Service Commission to create an 80-mile power line Which would run beneath the Hudson River to bring power to the New York metro area. The line would carry 1,000-MW of power from wind, solar, and natural gas producers. Estimated costs of the project are around $ 900 million. Anbaric’s partner, PowerBridge LLC, is developing the line.

Anbaric subsidiary Poseidon Transmission, LLC, filed an application in October 2013 with the New York Public Service Commission to begin construction on the Poseidon Project. This project seeks to bring 500-MW of power to the Long Island power grid via an underground high-voltage direct current transmission cable which would connect the Deans Substation in South Brunswick, New Jersey to the Substation Ruland Road in Huntington, New York.

As of May 2013, the Vermont Green Line has been proposed by GII Development LLC, a subsidiary of Anbaric Holdings LLC managing the project. The Proposal Followed by April 2013 Customer Open Solicitation by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. The solicitation received by the producers of energy is of great importance. Lake Champlain and carry 400-MW of electricity from Plattsburgh, New York to a Vermont Electric Power Company located in New Haven, Vermont. The company has begun the process of seeking permits from New York, Vermont, and the United States Army Corps of Engineers, which could take up to two years.

On December 9, 2014, Anbaric and National Grid announced the formation of Green Line Infrastructure Alliance. The Alliance aims to provide benefits to New England’s energy consumers by providing customers with access to large-scale, cost-effective sources of renewable and zero-emission energy; diversifying the region’s energy portfolio, easing the constraints on the natural gas pipeline system and providing access to affordable clean energy; enabling the New England states to meet the targets of energy efficiency and sustainability. The Alliance’s first project will be Maine Green Line, a hybrid land-and-sea HVDC project that will deliver 1,000MW of wind from northern Maine, firmed up by imports of hydropower from eastern Canada, via a submarine cable to Massachusetts. Maine-based constructor Cianbro Development Corporation will be part of this project. Connecticut-based PowerBridge has been part of the Maine Green Line Development team.