Buildings Energy Efficiency Ordinance

To improve energy efficiency, the Hong Kong Government formulated a Energy Efficiency Ordinance (建築物 能源 效益 條例) which was passed by the Legislative Council in November 2010. Under the Ordinance, certain prescribed types of buildings have to comply with Building Energy Code (BEC) and / or Energy Audit Code (EAC). Under the Ordinance, building services installations including electrical, air-conditioning, lighting and lift and escalator installations in new built structures are required to meet the minimum energy efficiency standards and requirements Code of Practice for Energy Efficiency Building Services. Existing buildings will also be required to comply with the requirement when undergoing major retrofitting works. The standards stipulated in the Code, which were published in the last version promulgated in 2007, which have been implemented on a voluntary basis. Most of the new standards are comparable to those adopted in the US, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. In addition, the central building services of commercial buildings and commercial buildings of composite buildings are required to carry out energy audits in accordance with the Code of Practice for Building Energy Audit every 10 years, and the results have to be displayed in a conspicuous position at the main entrance of the buildings concerned for public inspection. Implementation of the Ordinance is operated by the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department