Drakoo wave energy converter

The Drakoo wave energy converter is a device that uses the motion of the ocean surface waves to generate electricity.

The Drakoo WEC does not fall into any of the usual wave energy converter classifications: its working principle, based on a twin-chamber oscillating water column system, is to transform waves into a continuous water flow which drives a hydro turbine generator.

After being patented in 2008, the Drakoo technology has been tested in NTU lab and subsequently, in the deep wave flume of NAREC in 2012 (UK). On December 23rd, 2016, Hann Ocean Energy, the company of the first wave of technology, announced the first successful power production during its testing facility in Nantong, with a peak power output of 3.8kW at a wave height of 0.6m. The technology continuously increases its performance along the years, reaching a peak power output of 9.3 kW in November 2017 and of 11.2 kW in March 2018. Moreover, during the World Future Energy Summit 2018, in Abu Dhabi, Hann Ocean Energy reported inquiries from the Persian Gulf for the application of the Drakoo WEC for wellhead platforms.