Launched at the beginning of 2005 with support from the Intelligent Energy Europe program. the ECOHEATCOOL project carried out by Euroheat & Power, in co-operation with 13 partners across Europe was concluded at the end of December 2006. The project assessed the heating and cooling markets, looked for possibilities for the district heating and district cooling in Europe, provided recommendations for a tool maker and a tool for assessing the efficiency of district heating and cooling systems. The project has shown that it can be used in many ways to improve the efficiency of the production of heat and energy. as different forms of renewable heat (i. e. geothermal, heat / cold from deep-sea or lake water). The Ecoheatcool project has become a reference for district heating and cooling sector, its findings being used in the arguments provided to European Union and national policy makers. It enabled the development of a vision, quantification of the benefits which the district heating and cooling of the EU policy objectives: energy efficiency, environmental protection, security of supply , and evaluation of the costs.