Energy Globe Award

The International Energy Globe Awards have been awarded by the Energy Globe Foundation annually to recognize that ‘make care and use of resources and employ alternative energy sources.’ The winners, in the categories of Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Youth, are selected by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, the World Bank and the European Renewable Energy Council. In 2016, the category Sustainable Plastics was added to the over five categories. The awards were an initiative by Austrian engineer and environmentalist Wolfgang Neumann. The herculean status of the Award often equates to Nobel Prize. It has been distinguished regionally, nationally and globally every year since 2000. The goal of the Energy Globe Award is to create a positive contribution to the environment and to make a positive contribution. The winning ENERGY GLOBE projects serve as examples, which are presented on the Energy Globe website and in the Energy Globe project database. The monetary prize for first place in the international award is 10,000 euro which is distributed among the six categories. The (inter) national ENERGY GLOBE winner projects are honored at festive ceremonies and presented in the media and on television. Large-scale awards were held in 2007 and 2008 in the Plenary Hall of the European Parliament in Brussels with the support of prominent people from all over the world. 2009 the Energy Globe Gala was the opening event of the informal meeting of the EU Environmental Ministers in Prague. 2010 Energy Globe Together with UNEP has opened a World Environment Day in Kigali / Rwanda. The 2014/2015 celebration took place in Tehran / Iran. More than 1000 projects from all over the world are submitted each year. In all some 7000 projects from 177 countries have been submitted for the Energy Globe Award. The ENERGY GLOBE Jury is headed by Maneka Gandhi (Member of Parliament), incumbent Indian Minister for Ministry of Women and Child Development and Indian Minister for Environment. Secretary of the Kofi Annan, President of the European Parliament and European Commission Martin Sheen,

Hridith Sudev, a ninth grader from Indian School Salalah in Oman won the 2014 Energy Globe National Award for his initiative Project GreenOman, setting the record for the youngest ever to do so (age 14). Project GreenWorld International, the World’s biggest children’s environmental organization. Other recipients include: