The Fourth Revolution: Energy

The Fourth Revolution: Energy, also known as ‘Die 4. Revolution – Energy Autonomy’, is a German documentary about renewable energy by Carl-A. Fechner, released in 2010. It’s a vision for a global society that obtains 100% of its energy from renewable sources and the complete reconstruction of the economy. Production took four years and was financed by individuals. Nobel Peace Prize laureate Muhammed Yunus through micro-credit, to the vision of the Right Livelihood Award laureate Hermann Scheer of Eurosolar, to modern businesses working in the renewable energy sector. The film launched in cinemas in Germany March 18, 2010 and had its US premiere at the San Francisco Green Film Festival in March 2011. In the German trailer to the film, the revolution in capitalist ownership of energy resources is stressed; Hermann Scheer says that “instead of a few owners we will have hundreds of thousands …” and “energy supply will be democratized”. The film embodies the philosophy of Hermann Scheer, who died in 2010.